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Our Story:


The phrase is familiar to most in the military, especially Navy SEALs. It means “end exercise,” referring to scenario-based training exercises that include everything from hand-to-hand combat to full blown hostage rescue operations.

But the thing is, we are never done training. There never really is an end to it. Every ENDEX is temporary, a short break until the next exercise where you continue to train to be better than the enemy.

It is in that spirit that we created ENDEX Fitness. A brand that embodies the American story since its inception: a story of never quitting, never resting on our laurels, and never letting our enemies get the best of us.

In case it wasn’t obvious, ENDEX was created by former Navy SEAL and now Congressman, Dan Crenshaw. In fact, none of the profits go to Dan. ENDEX is an extension of Dan’s campaign, which means every dollar goes to the never-ending fight for freedom. If you’re a socialist, you probably don’t want to support this brand (but you’d probably skip leg day anyway, so don’t let the door hit you on your way out).

But if you’re a red blooded American loving patriot, and you like getting after it while also looking great, then you’ve found your destination.

Now let’s get after it.