ENDEX is more than bad-ass, high-quality fitness apparel. It’s a way of life.

There may be an ENDEX to every training scenario. But never forget: that “end” is merely temporary. You never stop training. Training for what?


I want to do more than just create the most unique and patriotic designs ever and slap them on the best materials and styles you’ve ever seen. That’s just the start. Yes, it’s about looking good (and you’re going to look f***ing great in this stuff), it’s about WHAT YOU DO when you wear it.

Every time you wear ENDEX, you are suiting up for battle. You are moving with intention, with purpose, toward a goal of being better than you were yesterday.

These workouts are just what I feel like doing that particular day, being a broken, busy new Dad pushing 40 years old. I never go to the gym at the same time, because my schedule is never the same. I hate early mornings. I stay up too late. I’m a real person, not a fitness influencer.

These workouts are ideas, starting points, and hopefully the motivation you need to be better than you were yesterday. That’s all.