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The Casually Concealed

The Casually Concealed

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Could be a bathing suit, could be golf shorts, or could be packing six pistols and a couple of mags. Because why the hell not? These casual concealed carry shorts are perfect for exercising your Second Amendment rights to keep and (comfortably) bear arms. 

Our patent-pending design includes high-performance stretch polyester with interior and exterior belt loops, side pockets, and rear pockets. It is equipped with a standard zipper and button closure.

The Casually Concealed has a removable concealed carry elastic band secured by belt loops on the interior waistband of the short, as well as a Velcro closure that ensures the belt fits securely around your waist.

The removable elastic concealed carry band is a multi-carry inner waistband system designed to carry up to six firearms and four spare magazines. The stitching in the heavy weight, double layer elastic waistband forms pouch pockets that snugly secure the firearms and magazines when in use. When not in use, the pouch pockets conform to the shape of your waist.


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